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cellar door.

freya. 19. brisneyland, AUS. mostly an art blog with occasional bouts of teenage angst. a booty that'll break your heart.
أنت في براز إلى فتحة الشرج لي ثم أنا القرف مرة أخرى العودة الى لك إلى فتحة الشرج. ذهابا وإيابا، إلى الأبد.


what if a ghost is screaming into your ass right now

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To my future wife…


When I die I want you to mix my ashes in a bowl of chili, then eat it. Just so I can tear that ass up one more time.

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Fiona Apple Paper Bag
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today while watching the hockey there was this really inspirational american ad for achieving your goals or st and it was a fat guy finishing a marathon while ‘keep holding on’ by avril lavigne played and truly i got chills

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